We offer FREE accommodation and meals for students attending the six week course, up to eight students at a time are accommodated. Meals are made up of BRUNCH and DINNER all of which are plain straight forward “Boere Kos”.

Accommodation is from Monday 07h30 to Friday 12h00 so to are the Meals. Students wishing to stay over weekends are welcome to stay. Each student will provide his own meals over the weekend.

Shops are less than 100m from main gate.

* Weekend accommodation available (self catering on weekends)
* Two meals available.
* Full kitchen for self catering on weekends only
* Has 24 hour Satellite TV for after hour entertainment
* Full linen provided bring extra if you so desire.

Personal Items



  • Clothes

  • Towels

  • Face cloth

  • Toiletries  

  • Medicine

  • Coffee,

  • Sugar,

  • Tea,

  • Milk

  • Cold drinks

  • Any sauces they would like with their food

  • Breakfast cereals

  • Pen

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Ruler

  • Book to make notes

  • Passer kit




"Shuttle service to & from Pretoria and Johannesburg available Mondays mornings and Friday afternoons" at a nominal fee for students attending the course.


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